Prepared Foods CSA

Hi, thanks for visiting. My name is Sara, and Fireweed Kitchen is my attempt to bring local produce to other members of my community who may not have the time, the inclination, or the ability to transform this areas beautiful bounty into something delicious and healthy to eat.  

It is the mission of Fireweed Kitchen to consistently produce and serve an adaptable menu of main courses, soups, salads, and baked goods that are delicious, memorable, and locally sourced in a manner that highlights the freshest ingredients grown right here in Southeast Michigan.

Fireweed Kitchen L.L.C. operates as a Prepared Foods CSA (Community Share Agriculture) 

Fireweed Kitchen
  • Shares are available in either vegetarian or ominvore options.
  • Shares are delivered to your home or office every Wednesday during the 8 week term.
  • Each share is a full meal featuring a chef selected menu that includes an entree, either a soup or a salad, a side dish, a loaf of bread or a dessert, and a little something extra.
  • Shares generally feed two adults one full meal with a little left-over.
Fireweed Kitchen
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